Essential Manx Phrases

Sometimes you don't have time to learn long lists of words and phrases. All you want to know are the bare essentials for communicating to get what you need, or where you need to go.

Here are the bare minimum of Manx words and phrases you need to know to survive.

Learn the Top 10 Phrases if you only have time for the barest minimum. If you need or want more, then take a look at the Top 20 Phrases, Top 30 Phrases and the Extra Phrases.

Here are ten easy phrases to get you started ...

The Top 10 ...

Dy bannee diu.
Slane lhiu.
Vel Baarle eu?
Do you speak English?
Cha nel mee toiggal.
I don't understand.
A little.
She. Cha nel.
Yes. No.
Quoid t'eh costal?
How much is it?
Ro-gheyr. Kiart dy liooar.
Too expensive. OK.
My sailliu.
Gura mie (mooar) eu.
Thank you (very much).

Here are ten more phrases that will help you make new friends and ask for directions ...

The Top 20 ...

Cre'n ennym t'erriu?
What is your name?
Ta'n ennym orrym ...
My name is ...
Kanys ta shiu?
How are you?
Braew. As shiu-hene?
Fine. And you?
C'raad ta ...?
Where is ...?
C'raad ta'n thie-veg? Deiney/Mraane
Where is the toilet? Men/Women
C'raad ta'n premmee?
Where is the (inside) toilet?
S’treih lhiam. Gow-shiu my leshtal.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Gyn doilleeid.
No problem.
Ta mish laccal ...
I want ...
Cha nel mish laccal ...
I don't want ...

Here are another ten phrases to help you make a little more conversation and to get around ...

The Top 30 ...

Cre voish ta shiu?
Where are you from?
Ta mee çheet voish yn Austrail.
I am from Australia.
Yn coontey, my sailliu.
The bill, please.
Ta mee caillt.
I'm lost.
Scuirr-shiu! Fuirree-shiu!
Stop! Wait!
Ayns shoh, ayns shen, ayns shid.
Here, there, over there.
Taksee. Thie-oast. Purt-aer. Stashoon.
Taxi. Hotel. Airport. Station.
S'mie lhiam ...
I like ...
Cha mie lhiam ...
I don't like ...

un**, daa**, tree, kiare, queig.
one, two, three, four, five.
shey, shiaght, hoght, nuy, jeih.
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

**Use nane instead of un when counting.
Use jees instead of daa when counting.

*Or choose your country:
America - America
Yn Chanadey - Canada
Sostyn - England
Nerin - Ireland
Yn Teelynn Noa - New Zealand

Here are some extra words and phrases you might find useful, especially if you have dietary needs or allergies ...

Useful Extras ...

Slaynt vie!

mie / olk
good / bad
mooar / beg
big / small
faggys / foddey
near / far
sloo / tooilley
less / more
nane elley / dy liooar
another / enough

She lossreyder mish.
She feill-haghneyder mish.
I am vegetarian.
Cha nel mee gee feill.
I don't eat meat.
... feill-chirkey.
... chicken.
... eeast.
... fish.

Ta allerjee orrym lesh croiyn.
I am allergic to nuts.
... croiyn-thallooin.
... peanuts.
... eeast.
... fish.
... bee-marrey.
... seafood.
... oohyn.
... eggs.