Essential Phrases for Travellers
Sometimes all you need are the essentials, just enough phrases to survive.
Maybe you don't have the time to learn huge lists of words and phrases, or maybe you simply don't have the inclination.
The Bare Essentials provides you with the minimum to get what you need and where you need to go ...

More Phrases for Travellers
Learn more words and phrases to help smooth your way. Here are extra words and phrases to help you in cafés, restaurants, shops and around town ... even make a few friends ...

Learning a new language is a valuable gift for any child or adult. Ebooks are a fun and easy way to learn new languages in context. Learn Numbers, Colours, simple phrases
and words through the adventures of Jack, Lisa and Pete the Parrot in Parrot's Cave and Parrot to the Rescue.

Curious Facts
All languages can surprise you with the funny little ways they differ and see the world. Each language has its own personality and can sometimes be just downright strange to what you expect. Each one has its own quirks and funny little ways of expressing itself. Find out more about Colours, Numbers, Numbers in other scripts, Consonants, Vowels, Tones and Clicks ...

Books from Amazon
Sometimes nothing is better than a hard copy book to leaf through and learn at your own pace and rhythm. Grab yourself your own book to have on hand, or an ebook for your Kindle ... If the suggestions in our Store don't appeal, you can browse further amongst the huge range of books and ebooks available at Amazon.

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